I think reading is changing, but I think it's been changing for some time, and for a variety of reasons, and I'm not sure it's entirely a bad thing.

When I'm reading a good story, the physical book falls away, anyway. I'm immersed. At some point, the physical book became an encumbrance for me, preventing me from reading … » 3/03/14 3:41pm 3/03/14 3:41pm

I was 5 for Star Wars, and it's a vivid memory, but not my earliest by a long shot. I even remember walking through the parking lot up to the theater. It might have been my first movie in the theater. It was just my dad and me. I remember him reading the crawl at the beginning because I could barely read it at the… » 1/14/14 9:10am 1/14/14 9:10am

A lot more people are riding bikes in London, and the mayor is a big cycling proponent. However, there have been a lot of cyclist deaths in London recently. Just putting more cyclists on the road is not making it safer. Unfortunately, cars and bikes don't mix well. The best way to get more people riding is to make it… » 1/03/14 9:53am 1/03/14 9:53am

I'd have to agree with open source encryption. I know some IT execs who looked down their noses at open source encryption, or any open source software, particularly with regard to security. They had to eat their words this year. Not a new tech by any means, but something that proved itself this year when it was… » 12/26/13 11:30pm 12/26/13 11:30pm

Ted Chiang gave at talk at UC Riverside last spring, where he talked about the computer being a very poor metaphor for the brain, and that this metaphor leads to the thinking about uploading consciousness. He said he does not think human consciousness will be uploaded, and our machine-centric metaphors for the brain… » 12/19/13 3:37pm 12/19/13 3:37pm

Totally! The granddaddy of annoying cliffhangers. I know a lot of people say Empire is the best of the trilogy, but I was so upset about the ending as a kid, it was my least favorite. That changed... but it's still the archetypal example of the annoying cliffhanger for me. » 12/11/13 1:59pm 12/11/13 1:59pm

I've appreciated all the info in your blog about the publishing industry and business of writing (and I'm a BIG fan of your novels, esp. Luandry & Merchant Princes). Robert J. Sawyer's another who's blogged a lot about the business of writing. In a recent interview he was very pessimistic about new writers being able to … » 12/10/13 11:10am 12/10/13 11:10am

There are a lot of people who just prefer rural life to city life, including a lot of members of my family (both in small towns and on actual farms). With more opportunities to work remotely, such as via elance.com and such freelancing sites, and with the development of remote medicine and online learning, the benefits … » 11/12/13 11:01pm 11/12/13 11:01pm