Silver chair, yeah, I didn't remember the plot till I reread it to my daughters. But to say that about a living author is rough. For the last few years I've worked on the same campus as Nalo Hopkinson. I have only read Sister Mine, so far, and loved it. I have been to one of her readings, and I also think she's very… » 7/23/14 1:43am Today 1:43am

I didn't know about this principle, but it is something I am always looking for when I query relational databases, and something I'm trying to prevent when I design databases for applications. Accurate reports require selecting data joined from multiple tables, and it's often possible to join sets of data on criteria… » 7/07/14 5:00pm 7/07/14 5:00pm

I learned a lot about Spanish grammar in my classroom experiences, but never found them very helpful for speaking the language (it was my minor in college). When I immersed myself by working in the Spanish-speaking call center department, my speaking skills improved more in one week than in four years of study.… » 7/03/14 1:31pm 7/03/14 1:31pm

GRRM said at the 2011 WorldCon that the novels and the HBO series might even have different endings. Not sure I've read him saying that since, but I do remember him making that remark in one of his sessions at the con. (Might have been at the screening of "The Pointy End," where he gave a running commentary). » 6/25/14 1:35pm 6/25/14 1:35pm

I think reading is changing, but I think it's been changing for some time, and for a variety of reasons, and I'm not sure it's entirely a bad thing.

When I'm reading a good story, the physical book falls away, anyway. I'm immersed. At some point, the physical book became an encumbrance for me, preventing me from… » 3/03/14 3:41pm 3/03/14 3:41pm

I was an Anthro major. I had to read the whole thing in Anthro 101, and the professor didn't tell us there was anything different about this reading assignment. He waited to see if we would figure it out. I've actually shared it a couple of times on FB over the years. » 2/03/14 12:28am 2/03/14 12:28am

I was 5 for Star Wars, and it's a vivid memory, but not my earliest by a long shot. I even remember walking through the parking lot up to the theater. It might have been my first movie in the theater. It was just my dad and me. I remember him reading the crawl at the beginning because I could barely read it at the… » 1/14/14 9:10am 1/14/14 9:10am

A lot more people are riding bikes in London, and the mayor is a big cycling proponent. However, there have been a lot of cyclist deaths in London recently. Just putting more cyclists on the road is not making it safer. Unfortunately, cars and bikes don't mix well. The best way to get more people riding is to make it… » 1/03/14 9:53am 1/03/14 9:53am